Developing your idea!

A-of-DWe derive great enjoyment and satisfaction from the whole creative process from initial concept & design to the realization of the finished product. Drawing on 40+ years of combined design experience, we work closely with clients to arrive at practical, affordable solutions and we aim to make the design process interesting, inspiring and informative.  Following initial discussions regarding the project requirements, a series of prelininary drawings are made for comment and discussion. If further development or design modifications are needed, we'll refine the design as required. Once the drawing is close to final we can develop a realistic in-situ image which is produced from a photo provided by the client of the room or location in which the project piece will be situated.

As far as possible, this process allows us to visualise the finished piece and helps avoid unexpected surprises for both the client and the maker (me!).  Please click on the articles below to see examples of the process.



Artist at Home

Roger Paine operates from his studio at home in Busselton.  He's happy to meet with clients interested in a custom-made project or design work.  Please give Roger a call - business hours 9:00am - 4:30pm Mon-Sat

   Roger & Wendy :: 0409 522 469