Handmade andiron fireplace accessory
  • Andron Fireplace accessory lifts your fire to increase air circulation for a robust fire and consistent heat.
  • handmade in Western Australia
  • iron / steel handmade fireplace andiron
  • made in australia by traditional blacksmith, handmade andiron
  • andiron for fire place or wood fired oven
  • Handmade andiron fireplace accessory

Fireplace Andirons

Fireplace Andirons - create the best fire possible with this simple tool.
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* Andiron styles:

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Fireplace Andirons - create the best fire possible with this simple tool.

Andirons are not only decorative, they serve a functional purpose.  They're designed to lift logs up from the hearth floor to increase air circulation underneath for a more robust fire.  They provide a space underneath the firewood for the kindling and firelighters which is used to start a fire. Andirons are free-standing to allow removal for cleaning ashes from the fireplace or wood-fired oven. From a practical point, they provide better ventilation and burning with consistent heat for cooking if used in a wood-fired oven. By raising the fire, the air can get to the fire from all sides, so that it burns better. Andirons also serve to prevent the wood from rolling out of the fire.  In order to let the fire burn better, fires have been elevated for thousands of years with andirons.

We always try to make practical items look interesting and have character, so our andirons will add either a contemporary or quirky look to your fireplace, with 4 options - simple minimalist style OR adding an animal head to the front:

  1. Minimalist
  2. Bull's head (add $30 each)
  3. Dragon head (add $30 each)
  4. Ram's head (add $30 each)

How to use andirons

Andirons have historically been used in pairs, but they can work just as well as singles.

Place the andirons in the fireplace, with the two legs at the front, single leg at the rear, with a distance between them that is a little less than a standard length of wood. Place kindling (and fire lighters if using) directly on the floor between the andirons in a loose pile with plenty of airspace in the pile. Place your logs atop the pile of kindling, resting them on the horizontal supports of the andirons.  Allow gaps between the firewood for the passage of air and flames for more complete combustion and less smoke.  If you use a single andiron, they work just as well with logs propped from the sides, with one end of the log on the floor, the other atop the spine of the andiron, from either or both sides.  Light the fire and enjoy the radiant and even heat from a hearty blaze.

  • Size: 330mm length, 225mm width, 205mm height
  • Hand-made from mild steel
  • Shipping size: Extra large parcel


Cost of shipping of Fireplace Andirons is calculated by dimensions of the package and your postcode.  Shipping size for this product is Extra Large and there are 2 options - Parcel Post (Australia Post road freight) or Courier delivery.  For International orders, we'll contact you regarding quoting and payment of additional shipping charges.


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