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We've just returned from a break and now working hard on orders.  Our current wait-times for fireplace or firepit tools & accessories is 3 weeks plus shipping. Our smaller giftware and home décor items are often held in stock and able to be shipped quickly.  Please don't forget to let us know of your special date in the Customer Note box when ordering. 

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Candle Holder with a rose in bloom with leaves - handmade iron
  • Rose Candle Holder
  • Rose Candle Holder
  • Rose Candle Holder
  • Rose Candle Holder
  • Rose Candle Holder
  • Candle Holder with a rose in bloom with leaves - handmade iron

Rose Candle Holder

Candle Holder with a rose in bloom with leaves - beautifully crafted, this candle holder will become a treasured heirloom piece.
(Incl. 10% tax)
* Stand / Base choice:

* Engraving:

Customer Note:

Candle Holder with a rose in bloom with leaves - beautifully crafted, this candle holder will become a treasured heirloom piece.
  • Approx. 110mm high and 85mm in diameter
  • Hand-made from mild steel
  • Wire brushed and sanded to a bright finish and sealed with clear polyurethane
  • 70mm diameter white candle included (type may vary from image)
  • Weight: 550g approx (+ candle )
  • Shipping size: Medium satchel

Unique and original design, beautifully hand-crafted and can be purchased individually or as a pair or more.  Style your table settings on special occasions or enjoy and use everyday to add beauty to your daily life.  Perfect for a special gift. Stands solidly, a white candle is included (as pictured).

We have 2 styles for the base / stands:

  • Curved
  • Twig


This item can be engraved with a personal message.  The price of engraving depends on the quantity of characters in your message, the character count includes the spaces between the words.  On our candle holder we add the engraved message around the edge of the plate that the candle sits on, when the candle is in place, it will cover the engraved message.  The message can be up to 35 characters (including spaces between words).  Examples and some suggestions are:

  • 3/9/14 ♥ S & J  - 14 characters
  • 03/09/2014 ♥ S & J  - 18 characters
  • 33°39'25.3"S 115°19'54.6"E  - 26 characters
  • Ben & Nicola ♥ 6 years 30/09/2014 - 33 characters
  • In celebration of our forever love - 34 characters

The font style we use for engraving depends on the number of characters.  For messages or quotes up to about 45 characters, we can use a Cursive Script, for longer messages and quotes we will use Engravers Gothic style, which is an uppercase sans serif style.

Please tell us what you'd like for engraving in the Customer Note box above,  Plus you'll also find another box for last minute comments at checkout. Click on the Engraving Details button below which shows in detail where our Customer Note boxes are located.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long before the product I like can be shipped?

We keep most of the more popular items we make in stock. If an item is in stock, it may be able to be sent on the day we receive your order, or depending on time of day and any customising, it may be sent on the following day. If you are running short on time, you could call or email us to check what we have available to ship immediately, or ask how long before the item can be made and ready for shipping.

Some of the items that we don't hold in stock are the Jewellery Boxes or Fireside Tools, because these have many options and variables, eg. colour of fabric lining, style of handles and type of tools. Our iron rings also need to be made to size, but as these are quick to make, they may only take an extra day or so.

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Caring for Iron & Steel jewellery

Iron is a base metal and is not as stable as gold, silver or stainless steel. When it comes into contact with oxygen in the air or water, it will try to combine with the oxygen to create an iron oxide. We know this as rust. This is the reason why you seldom see iron in its naked state. Iron is protected in various ways: paints, glazes, varnishes, oils and waxes. Your jewellery piece has had a quality clear varnish applied to help protect it.

Your jewellery loves to be worn often. The oils in your skin help to condition the metal much like when you season a cast iron skillet (typically rinse, dry and apply an oil then heat it briefly - no soap as that is corrosive). Your iron jewellery can be treated similarly. Keep it dry and rub a little oil occasionally if it was exposed to water.

If it does get wet with substances like soaps & detergents, chlorine or salt water, rinse it with clean water and dry thoroughly using a hair dryer or leave it in the sun briefly. Apply some oil, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oil safe for cooking. Rub it on and buff it off.

Some people like to hang and display their jewellery. That would be long as you aren't doing so in a steamy bathroom. Water and humidity are its foes.

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Iron is a base metal



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